The wine etiquette for the true wine-lovers

These things you need to know: when you should bring the wine to the table, at which temperature it should be served, whom to pour first … So before going to the wood wine racks, read more below.

First, anyone who wants to take care of wine etiquette should be equipped with basic wine accessories. Before opening the bottle, look at the label first. It will tell you the basic information about wine, its quality, and the manufacturer. Try to buy quality, authentic wines. You and your guests should be satisfied with them.

Bottles of wine should be on the table before the start of lunch or dinner. The temperature of the white wine at serving must be between 11 and 14 degrees Celsius, blacks from 16 to 22, lower limits for young and taller for older wines. Champagne wines should be cooler than 7-9 degrees Celsius and liqueur at room temperatures from 18 to 20 degrees.

High-quality wines are served from the bottles in which they are stacked. When you open a bottle, remove only the part of the foil drops obscuring cap and wipe this place. When you remove the cap, wipe again with a napkin the neck of the bottle and pour some wine in a special glass to rinse the inside of the bottleneck.

Glasses should be with a stem, thin glass, no applications and always hold on the stem, and not for the bowl. This is for a few reasons: you are leaving a fingerprint on a glass, you are heating your wine with your warmth, and you cannot see how the wine sparkles.

The first glass should be poured to the best friend in the company because he/she needs to evaluate the wine. If he/she evaluates that the wine corresponds to the offered dish, you should pour the wine to other members of the company. Glass should be filled slightly over half, as it is the best way to see the color, to smell and taste wine. On a properly set table, there are not many glasses. There are most often two, rarely three, and very rare four glasses.

Around the neck of the bottle, wrap a napkin, to avoid that the wine interflows on the tablecloth.

When two glasses are on the table one is intended for wine and the other for mineral water. The change of wine also requires a change of glass, and between the wines, it is necessary to drink a sip of cold mineral water.

Champagne is served at the beginning and at the end of the meal, at the table or in another room. Opening bottle: remove the foil and metal bandage; wipe the bottleneck, and then holding it in a tilted position, and then holding in a tilted position, by the circular pressing with the thumb the cork raises. Regularly chilled and opened champagne shouldn’t „run away” from the bottle. After opening, champagne is fresh for the next half hour, so use it immediately. Whether we serve one or more wine types, the amount you drink should not exceed 0.3 l.

With these basic rules on wine etiquettes, it shouldn’t be forgotten that modern wine consumption should increase human happiness, prevent envy and warm up the soul. If you act like this and even if you violate some wine regulations, you will not be wrong!

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