Nutrition Facts, Your Guide To Healthy Eating

Nutrition facts and healthy eating plans don’t need to be complicated. Or daunting. Once you understand the basics of good nutrition, looking good and feeling well is not out of reach!

You see there is a big difference between food and nutrition. Food is basically anything we can eat. Raw. Cooked. Packaged. Processed. Organic. You name it, food comes in many different forms. So why is this different to nutrition?

Nutrition is the value we get out of the food. Nutritious foods will provide nutriment to support our bodies, helping growth, replacing loss and providing energy so as to perform at their peak. These wholesome foods offer combinations of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, fibre and good fats. (Yes, good fats do exist!). Food that is not nutritious will fill simply fill tummies to reduce hunger.

So how do I know which foods are healthy and which foods are just fillers?

I will give you simple tips, and also some facts and figures on different types of foods. Most of the information is suitable for everybody, although some of it is specific to particular populations (i.e. pregnant women, or athletes etc.)

Why is Nutrition important?
Why is nutrition important? Without it, our bodies don’t function as they should. Let me tell you why.
Nutrition Food Values, macronutrients and micronutrients.
How does nutrition food values affect your energy balance? Discover how your food intake and energy expenditure affect your weight and lifestyle.
Nutrition for Sports, athletes and active people.
What fuel do I need for exercising? Here is a guide for Nutrition for Sports and Athlete Nutrition.
Nutrition during Pregnancy and Beyond.
Discover the best advice for Nutrition during Pregnancy. A few good tips can make your Pregnancy a breeze.
Facts about Vitamins and their benefits.
Learn some facts about vitamins and their benefits. We explore the sources of vitamins and how they affect your health and wellbeing.
List of Minerals for everday nutrition.
Check out this list of minerals for everyday life, good health and nutrition.
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