Inflatable Hot Tubs and Glamping

Spa parisDid you know that you can use inflatable hot tubs for glamping?
(We know glamping sounds very weird but it’s a real word.)
For those who may be confused, glamping or glamour and camping, is a style of camping that has amenities that range from stylish tents and carpets to those outdoor decorations and or amenities that can rival those of world-class resorts with inflatable pool.
While the terminology may be new, glamping or an early form of it has been around for quite some time, dating way back the time of the Ottoman empire, where its generals and other well-known figures would set up lavish tents even during conflicts and wars.
It eventually soon found its way to among the elites who were seeking adventure but couldn’t leave or risk their lavish lifestyle behind.

However, one doesn’t need to be rich and famous to do some glamping since it has found its way in the mainstream public and allows people from all walks of life to enjoy, it’s not even limited to camping nowadays as outdoor music festivals and even outdoor art shows are taking the benefit of glamping.
But where does an inflatable hot tub fit into this scenario?
Glamping isn’t limited to just sleepovers under the stars and away from the heartbeat of the city, it’s everything camping has to offer only the bar has been raised a little, while some may opt for taking a bath in the lake for a more natural experience, however, not all camping grounds or establishments may allow guests and campers to take a bath in natural bodies of water or do their personal business there since it may disrupt the flow of the local ecosystem.

While glamping may seem superficial and temporary to many, it does however still have value and creates revenues just like its permanent counterparts, this can be really beneficial for those who love going to fairs or experience something unique in their lives.
So how is it done?

Glamping is usually done in an area that is surrounded by nature, much like camping grounds, however, unlike camping grounds, glamping grounds are set up by placing pallets and mats on the ground, for those who plan for a more permanent structure, you can opt to build open air structures and then decorate it as you please: paint it in pastels, drape it with curtains and fairy lights or tiki torches.

But where do I put my inflatable hot tub?
Just like setting up your own inflatable hot tub at home, you have the freedom to put your inflatable hot tub anywhere you want when you go glamping, whether it’s going to be the center of your tent, in the sides, or even at the back.
One important thing to remember about your inflatable hot tub is that it runs on electricity, we recommend that you hide the wires underneath or protect it with waterproof materials; don’t hesitate to approach your local hardware store or home improvement specialist for the proper way to do it.