Amazed at the strength gains

Lose weight“I’ve had a long history of sports training: ASA softball since I was nine and volleyball and softball in high school. But after 5 years of college, unemployment and a move back to Sacramento for a year hiatus before grad school, it was hard to get back into gym and work off those extra pounds I gained along the way. The traditional gym just wasn’t doing it for me: I was bored and hated ever minute. Finally after three months, no results, and the constant insisting from a few friends, I went to a free Saturday class. 5 rounds for time: 15 box jumps, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 squats. 12 minutes 46 seconds. I hadn’t had my ass kicked like that since high school! Over the next two weeks I almost died several times, met a bitch named Fran, and learned some new exercise almost everyday. I hated it, but in a good way. Soon after and still now seven months later crossfit is the best part of my day. I’ve lost 10 pounds, tons of inches, and gained a great group of friends and supporters.

I still feel like dying occasionally, but I couldn’t be happier with the results drive it now. I have consistently achieved personal records in all my lifts giving me a crossfit total of 412.5 lbs (shoulder press= 72.5; dead lift= 205; back squat= 135) and do almost every workout prescribed. In my second week I did “Fran” (21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups) with a blue band for pull-ups and 15lb dumbbells for the thrusters. And now, on my last day at the gym I did it prescribed: regular pull-ups and 65lb thrusters. In 7 months!! ARCfit turned my dreaded year hiatus into an amazing time. The completive nature, motivating staff and members, and fun spirit of the gym makes it a place you want to go and work your ass off while you’re there. The box and the people in it will be one of the few things I will miss about Sacramento.

Stacey Rigley, 23″
Anthony P.MMAHITFIT and Strength TrainedChad,Whats up bro its Anthony…(purple belt from Cassio’s).I just wanted to thank you for turning me on to the 5-3-1- program. Randy H. gave me the manual. I designed a 4 week program and went at it. The weights are pretty light since this is the first time I have done any real barbell strength work in a year due to equipment availability. But the program worked great! I did it for deadlifts and presses because I dont have access to a bench or squat stands.I copied your formula of a strength lift followed by a short rest and a metcon workout, see this . I really like that. I was doing my Bjj on different days. I never felt overtrained (a big change for me). I was amazed at the strength gains I made in 4 weeks and the dramatic improvement in my work capacity! My gas felt great and I was rolling every round in class comfortably.Unfortunately I separated the AC joint and sprained ligaments in the rotator cuff in my right shoulder in class on Monday night of week 4 (last Monday), so I was not able to begin a new cycle as it looks like I may be out for 3-4 weeks.I have attached an excel spreadsheet I made for the 4 week program I did, so you can see what I did.

(if you notice anything I could improve,,,,feel free to critique)I usually dont do too much on the internet. But, I really wanted to thank you for the advice you have given me and let you know how much I think of your training philosophy! You help out alot of people and thats a great thing!Thanks for everything AnthonyTrevor aka “Butthead”-CrossFit TrainedNot to long ago i came to crossfit thinking i was in pretty good shape from my daily workouts at 24hr fitness. Let me tell you, it took me all of the first wod to realize that crossfit is a higher level of conditioning. Its here that Chad offered me the blue or red pill the blue pill i wake up tomorrow and continue working out at 24hr fitness but if i take the red pill my workouts will be flipped upside down and i will see fitness for what it really is PAIN!! As u can see ive taken the red pill. Chad has since transformed me into a gorillaborg!! He has done this by showing me the proper technique to olympic lifting. which i had never done before. Chad has pushed my mental toughness to new limits. Chad has designed programs that build strenght and increase our cardio. He does all this and still maintains a exciting and fun place to better ourselves. What ive noticed most about him is that he actually cares about everybodies overall fitness. He gets super hyped when someone meets a new goal or pr’s. With that said i must go now and get ready to plug myself back into the matrix.